Spic ‘n Span House cleaning Services- About Us

Our team of “Home Enhancers” are trained not only in the finer details of cleaning a house, but taught  the art of finishing a home.

Spic ‘n Span House Cleaning Services is a Pioneer in the cleaning industry.

  We do NOT come in with a generic list of dry/wet house cleaning jobs.  We talk to you and assess your cleaning needs.  We do not hold you hostage to unrealistic time restraint or send your group house cleaners with team leaders.  We fit you with one person to maintain your house cleaning service.

  When you choose Spic ‘n Span house cleaning services you are choosing the commitment and loyalty of that same person coming into your home.

I work hard to hire and train loyal and reliable enthusiasts…people who really WANT to clean and are good at it.  We always say, “there is no “GRAY” area” in cleaning…it’s either clean or it’s not!  The training is the same for everyone guaranteeing you the same quality of house cleaning service when you recommend us to your friends.

We have monthly meetings to discuss our customers and their “cleans“.  We discuss our products and which ones are best suited for our customer’s needs. 

We  are always looking  forward!  We see what needs to be done without being asked.  We have specific seasonal tasks that we suggest to stay on top of your clean.  Spic ‘n Span likes to think “outside the box” and offer extended services (camper cleaning, deck cleaning, etc).

We, at Spic ‘n Span, also recognize the change in age demographics  today and are committed to educating ourselves on the needs of today’s seniors.

We work  with extended families and keep informative records available. More and more families are living with  parents and grandparents these days.

We understand that household needs are different and help in whatever capacity we can. We see that there is a need for not just a maid service, but a “home” service where everyone’s needs (including the pets) are met.

We are a proud  locally owned company.  We are fully licensed and insured.  All members of Spic ‘n Span are covered by WCB.




If you are in the Tri-Cities  and surrounding area and are viewing our site from your phone save time and call

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