Do women who work two jobs, or have three children need housecleaning services? Yes.

After six years of offering my housecleaning services I’ve come across a number of women who feel they should get their homes cleaned ONLY if they have insurmountable strife in their lives. I’m a double amputee, have 6 children, and getting my masters… I think it’s ok to ask for help maintaining my home.

Maybe we (women|) believe that by giving ourselves the time for a pedicure or getting our lashes extended (yes,that is a real thing) we have given ourselves a sufficient treat…the value of being away from a day of vacuuming and dusting. BUT I will tell you this. There is not woman alive, who, while being pampered during her hour facial, is not (even just a little) thinking…”I need to clean my house” in one way or another.

Men are judged by their work…women by how well their children are behaved and how clean and “Pinteresty” their homes are.

The days have gone when only the Snooty McSnootersons got their homes cleaned (little pinky in air).

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Today’s woman has decided that they want a clean home but not at the expense of their TIME away from family, friends, or God forbid…for themselves.

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Women need to shed the guilt associated with having someone coming in to clean. Women today do not want a maid. They want competent, intelligent women coming in to MANAGE and maintain their homes…THEY DO NOT WANT A MAID!

It’s important to recognize the psychology in this. When you relieve someone of the mundane responsibility they would rather not do they apply that energy to something positive…(Heather’s wisdom)

cabana boyA woman with a clean home and the the lack of responsibility of having to worry about it is like…i dunno…a free trip to a 5 star hotel in Mexico…first class…with your own personal cabana boy at hand.

Like a satisfied customer tells me every2 weeks…this is how you make us feel Iafter cleaning)…AMAZING