What does a cleaning company know about the Super Bowl?

What does a cleaning company know about the super bowl?

this is a picture of super bowl tickets for 2014 game

16…42…57…hut hut hut..

Ok, so I don’t know much about football or the Super Bowl, but I do know how to get your place in order either before or after the game.

We can seriously TACKLE that bathroom or land a harsh TOUCH DOWN on your kitchen surfaces and appliances.  Our ability to INTERCEPT your family and friends from the dirt and grime that lurks behind your furniture is bar none…

Go Canuks Go!

this is a picture of a post party mess after the super bowl

 When it comes to  house cleaning, we are the team you will stand behind!


by Heather McCormick

Page last updated: 1/29/2014
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Heather McCormick