house cleaning coquitlam  HOUSECLEANING TIPS…is your toilet REALLY clean?

Spic ‘n Span Housecleaning Services has been cleaning in the Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody areas successfully for over 6 years.

  We have come to recognize not only the independent needs of each home clean, but also the viewpoint of doing a really good housecleaning job.

  For example, the only way to really do a good job cleaning a bathtub is by actually GETTING IN the tub.  It’s true…leaning and swiping just won’t do a good job.

Only by putting yourself in the area will allow you to see and feel the cleaning surface from a proper perspective. This is so important in one of the aspects of housecleaning.

  In saying that the same theory applies to cleaning a toilet and the surrounding area. You certainly are not going to get INSIDE a toilet but it just is not efficient or effective to lean over the toilet to the back and try to clean baseboards and pipes.

  You really have to SQUAT, yes I said it, to do a proper job!  A truly great job of cleaning  the toilet can be seen through the eyes of someone who has stomach flu…where every part of the commode is visible.

  On the other hand (or backend) a bathtub clean is truly appreciated from the perspective of the other end of the flu.  The insides are seen clearly as well as the outside and design edges.  Baseboards are clearly seen and edge around tub.

  So next time you find yourself in either position while suffering the flu…ask yourself if your housecleaning service is doing a REALLY detailed job.As you can see, housecleaning is more than a Swiffer and a swipe.  Any GOOD housecleaning job requires an eye level perspective AND a post check.

Spic ‘n Span Housecleaning Services understands the dynamics of proper performance is making your house a DETAILED home clean.