house cleaning shocking


SOMETIMES In the service industry, like housecleaning,  we encounter what we call POACHING. Poaching is when an employee solicits work with an existing customer OUTSIDE of the company.

Sometimes it happens the other way where a customer approaches an employee and asks them to work independently. This happened with one of my fantastic “Home Enhancers” within the last 2 weeks.  The loyal young woman called me immediately and was furious that an attempt was made to hire her without the SPIC ‘N SPAN umbrella.

It is no way flattering nor kind in nature to ask someone to work without the benefits they derive from the house cleaning  company they work for.

People who choose to do this type of thing should be aware of the consequences, not only to the contracted employee, but to themselves as well.

In the first place, if the house cleaning  company offers, insurance, worker’s compensation, and all other LEGAL protection then you are asking them to be void of these securities while in your home.

If their employee is under  contract, she is probably legally bound not to solicit or be solicited outside the house cleaning  company for a duration of time.  To do so would cause legal scrutiny and monetary compensation to the company.

Secondly, should the employee work without a safety net and is injured while house cleaning, or simply by falling on the job, it will likely be YOU, the household owner, who will be held responsible and can be sued.  This could ruin your life.

Third, and just as important, is what if something is stolen or broken.  How does one collect compensation?  Who is held accountable and responsible?

It has been my experience with my house cleaning company  that customers are eager to know if we are indeed licensed, insured, wcb’d, etc. for those very reasons.

We are responsible and accountable and have all our legal ducks in a row.  We would not want to have ANY party be without protection.  It is our intent to see that all participants are covered by government standards.

We know you want the same consideration and peace of mind when hiring someone to be in your home.