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Coquitlam Housecleaning Services Makes Life Easy

Coquitlam HouseCleaning Services Makes Life Easy!
Coquitlam family says, “We didn’t realize how cost effective it was to hire someone to clean our house. Spic n Span house cleaning services are reasonably priced and Heather cleaned places we would never want to admit neglecting. We recommend this housecleaning service to all Coquitlam homes!”
SPRING is in the air … and so is all the dust, dog, and cat hair.
You know that moment when the sun shines through the window and you look down at your couch and wonder when it grew a hair blanket?
Spic ‘n Span knows and understands that cleaning isn’t just a surface wipe down.  It’s wet-wiping down that couch…and other furnishings.  It’s turning the chairs over and de-hairing the bottom of the legs.  It’s actually moving the table to remove the month long hair halos created over the winter.  I did this last week and found a candy cane… lol.

This week we are looking to expand our house cleaning services to include more Coquitlam families. We know that families are busy, and we make sure to clean the late night snacks remnants between the cushions. You wouldn’t believe all the hidden spots we find dog and cat hair. It’s important for your health to keep your house clean, and we just hope you decide to use our house cleaning services. Spic ‘n Span has developed a technique that is thorough and saves you, the customer, money hiring professional apolstery cleaners. 
Nothing like the bright sunshine of the onset of SPRING to show your home at….uh, its worst, right?  The lovely floating dust of window ledges being left untouched for a season…or two. 
 The back splash area in the kitchen hidden behind the toaster, mixer, blender, and every other gadget owned,or at least made […]



I’m Heather, the owner/operator of SPIC ‘N SPAN housecleaning services.

My joy is cleaning condos…they are fast and fabulous.

I guarantee I can do a general clean of a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom clean in 2 hours.

A general clean includes a good scrub and scour of the bathrooms and kitchen, a dust and vacuum of all other space and washing the floors.

If you’re unhappy with the final result…your clean is FREE!

Choose Spic ‘n Span for all your condo cleaning needs.
We service Newport Village, Suter Brooke, Capilano, and Klahanie areas within the Tri-cities.

We have expanded and are now servicing Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and Mission areas.

HEY…and if you don’t have a condo, we also do homes

House Cleaning Shocking Information You Need to Know About Your House Cleaning Company. Spic ‘n Span Housecleaning

Shocking Information You Need to Know About Your House Cleaning Company. Spic ‘n Span Housecleaning

 Housecleaning companies are not listed as bondable companies. House cleaning companies need liability insurance.
If you’re looking for a housecleaning company ask if they have a Full Commercial General Liability Policy.  This policy is specifically for the cleaning industry. This is a Crime Coverage Policy and protects the homeowner in the event of theft.
A  Commercial Liability Policy is an Insurance Policy and generally hold a value of $10,000.00 liability.
Your cleaning company should also carry Business Insurance as well in the event of damage, fire, etc.  The average and most commonly carried liability amount is $2,000,000.00. So, when researching cleaning companies to either come into your home or do small commercial jobs remember cleaning bonds mean nothing and are not available to the industry.
house cleaning shocking information.


Safeguard yourself and your home by being informed and KNOW that your company has the right coverage for the job! If you have any stories you would like to share we would love to hear from you.  Here is some more information about insurance Insurance Bureau Of Canada
Please stay tuned for our up-coming WCB blog…is your cleaner covered?
by Heather McCormick
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Why Romantic Gifts And Great Valentines Ideas Score Points
Treat your special someone for Valentines
Say I LOVE YOU by giving your SWEETIE the gift of FREE TIME!
Spic ‘N Span is offering 2-4 hour cleans at 20% off for this special occasion.

If you’re lucky maybe she’ll spend the time with you, if you’re luckier maybe she will let you go golfing and she can go to the SPA.
We have provided two free smart phone apps to help you pick a great gift or give you some great ideas for the romantic day!

Google APP Link

IPhone APP Link

Leave a comment below, we love to hear about the great gift and romantic ideas you have.  Also leave comments about after your Valentine’s Day and tell us what your loved one did for you!
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Heather McCormick

3 Things Home Owners Need To Know

3 things that homeowners need to know before hiring a cleaning company

3 Things Home Owners Need to Know


Make sure you check off these points from your list, before you hire any house cleaning  company!
1. Is the company I am considering insured?
2. Is the time frame reasonable for what I want done?
3. How many people will be in my home?

Before hiring a cleaning company to come into the privacy of your home there are some other things you, the owner, should take into consideration.
Not all companies look at your space (clean)independently.  Ask what their cleaning priorities are.
Ask questions about the companies cleaning policies and procedures.
Ask for current reviews and what review sites are used to promote the business. If you find some reviews that are not positive ask about the situation and how it was resolved.
Ask if the owner is an operator as well.  Most like  it when the owner themselves are “on the tools”, able to be on site, or make themselves available to you.
Ask the owner what makes them different from other companies.  Ask about the products and why they were chosen for the job.

We would love to hear your experience about hiring companies, please leave a comment below.

Web: www.spicnspanhousecleaning.ca
FaceBook: Spic ‘N Span House Cleaning


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Heather McCormick

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    Things You Need to Consider When Hiring A House Cleaning Service -Spic ‘n Span HouseCleaning

Things You Need to Consider When Hiring A House Cleaning Service -Spic ‘n Span HouseCleaning

Top 6 Things To Consider Before Hiring  a House Cleaning Service.

When choosing a house cleaning company  in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, or Port Moody, there are more than a few things to consider.
 Finding a house cleaning service that meets your needs is very important.  There are other important facts to consider before choosing a cleaning service to come into your home.
A licensed company is regulated and recognized by the Province of British Columbia. They are respected as being legitimate businesses with strong reputations in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody.
A good company will try to work around your schedule. Time for a pre/post walk through is standard. Some companies like Spic ‘n Span have extended services for busy schedules.
House cleaning should be affordable to everyone . A company like Spic ‘n Span will work with you and your budget.They will help you prioritize the things you want done.
Registered Company
Choosing a registered company means your house  cleaning service chose and own the  name to represent them…a name that you can count on…a name that is accountable for their customer’s satisfaction in house cleaning. Their name represents responsibility and reputation in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody.
Worker”s compensation
Be sure that all employees are covered with worker’s compensation. If someone is injured while house cleaning  you will  have the peace of mind that they are  legally covered and you will not be responsible for any injuries happening in your home.
Your chosen  house cleaning company should have full liability insurance. This gives you the same peace of mind should something be accidentally broken while house cleaning. An insured company is an accountable company.
These are some useful tips that you can follow when hiring a professional house cleaning  company like Spic N Span House Cleaning. There are many cleaning services  that operate in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, […]

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    Why choose a house cleaning service? Spic ‘n Span House Cleaning

Why choose a house cleaning service? Spic ‘n Span House Cleaning

  House Cleaning Service…Why?

In today’s fast-paced world it is hard to juggle the many demands of daily living.
Throughout the workweek we come home tired and, if not for household chores,  would rather  rest and relax and maybe even have fun.
Families with working parents find it  difficult to manage work, family, and the house cleaning chores. Who has the time? This is where Spic N Span House Cleaning Services comes  to the rescue.
Our house cleaning service in the Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody  will take care of all the chores  so you will have one less thing to worry about.
We take the extra work off of your hands so you will have more time to spend on things that matter to you more.
Having a house cleaning services gives you more free time for friends and family.
We know every customer is different and so is every cleaning space. Knowing your clean by creating a profile saves you time.
In choosing the right house cleaning service you will have the house cleaning  done that you want done, how you want it done, when you want done.
Regular services offered for a general clean include a good scrub and scour of bathrooms and kitchen, a dusting throughout, a full vacuuming and washing of all floor areas.
The first house cleaning, or “full meal deal” with Spic ‘n Span starts from dusting the light bulbs all the way to washing the baseboards. In between we cover the window inserts, sliders, and ledges, all pictures, glass faces, and mirrors. House cleaning done right…so you don’t have to!
Talk to Spic N Span  House Cleaning Services
For more information you can discuss your needs and concerns with Spic ‘n Span House Cleaning. We are open 7 days a week serving […]

Daycare Cleans

I know from 17 years of experience how hard it is to run a daycare. I also know the challenges of regular cleaning in a child-filled space. Families and licensing are demanding and essential in promoting a healthy positive environment.

Let Spic ‘n Span come in on a monthly basis and take the chore of cleaning out of your already busy week. We have what it takes to effectively get rid of all the GOO and GRIME that come with helping raise children.

With Spic ‘n Span you will get a sparkly clean you will be proud to share. We will disinfect toys, wash down all furnishings and cupboards, hunt down finger prints, and bring freshness to carpets and floors.

Licensed facilities will be guaranteed am A+ report when reviewed.

Elite Suite Cleaning – Vancouver House Cleaning Services

We’ve been asked over and over again to offer our house cleaning services to downtown Vancouver. Well, now we are for a limited time to a limited few.

Spic ‘n Span is now offering exclusive cleaning services to those in the downtown Vancouver area. Penthouses and /or multi-located properties are being accepted at this time.

This is a SUMMER SPECIAL as Spic ‘n Span is expanding to a selective clientele and area base.

ONLY weekend cleans at this time until we complete the development of the Westcoast division of Spic ‘n Span.

GET ON BOARD and enjoy the Spic ‘n Span experience.

Laundry Pick up/Drop off

We know how busy you are and dropping off and picking up your laundry is just one more mundane chore to be done.

AAAArrrrgggghhh they’re closed!!!

Let SPIC ‘N SPAN save you the time and trouble by offering a professionally washed and perfectly ironed and folded laundry service on-site. We will pick up your dingy drawers…your shoddy sheets…your littered linens…you get the drift, and return them to you with NEXT DAY service.
$7.50 ON-SITE