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Coquitlam HouseCleaning Services Makes Life Easy!

Coquitlam family says, “We didn’t realize how cost effective it was to hire someone to clean our house. Spic n Span house cleaning services are reasonably priced and Heather cleaned places we would never want to admit neglecting. We recommend this housecleaning service to all Coquitlam homes!”

SPRING is in the air … and so is all the dust, dog, and cat hair.

You know that moment when the sun shines through the window and you look down at your couch and wonder when it grew a hair blanket?

Spic ‘n Span knows and understands that cleaning isn’t just a surface wipe down.  It’s wet-wiping down that couch…and other furnishings.  It’s turning the chairs over and de-hairing the bottom of the legs.  It’s actually moving the table to remove the month long hair halos created over the winter.  I did this last week and found a candy cane… lol.

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This week we are looking to expand our house cleaning services to include more Coquitlam families. We know that families are busy, and we make sure to clean the late night snacks remnants between the cushions. You wouldn’t believe all the hidden spots we find dog and cat hair. It’s important for your health to keep your house clean, and we just hope you decide to use our house cleaning services. Spic ‘n Span has developed a technique that is thorough and saves you, the customer, money hiring professional apolstery cleaners. 

Nothing like the bright sunshine of the onset of SPRING to show your home at….uh, its worst, right?  The lovely floating dust of window ledges being left untouched for a season…or two. 

 The back splash area in the kitchen hidden behind the toaster, mixer, blender, and every other gadget owned,or at least made by Martha Stewart.  Blinds long forgotten…didn’t we just do those 3 years ago???

Spic ‘n Span loves closets…you know the ones where every winter garment was tossed after  many a rainy day…the intent, of course, was to clean and organize and throw the old boots with the holes in them away.  This was going to be the last year you were going to wear plastic bag socks…you know who you are…  We also know this is where the old paw drying towels live, as well as ‘dog wear”.

Behind doors and are also great hiding places of clumps of car/dog debris… and let us get under that bed to gather dust bunnies….sounds cute until you realize you don’t have a bunny

 Spic ‘n Span housecleaning not only cleans but will come in and  “seasonize” your home. Let’s get in there and get not only the dirt and dust but get your home SPRING ready.  We’ll organize your mud room and prep it for next year (without plastic bag socks).  We’ll freshen up the pet beds and areas  and help eliminate the amount of hair your guests generally love to take home with them.

Coquitlam residents call now: (604) 375-7430 

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