3 things that homeowners need to know before hiring a cleaning company

3 Things Home Owners Need to Know


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Make sure you check off these points from your list, before you hire any house cleaning  company!

1. Is the company I am considering insured?
2. Is the time frame reasonable for what I want done?
3. How many people will be in my home?

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Before hiring a cleaning company to come into the privacy of your home there are some other things you, the owner, should take into consideration.

Not all companies look at your space (clean)independently.  Ask what their cleaning priorities are.

Ask questions about the companies cleaning policies and procedures.

Ask for current reviews and what review sites are used to promote the business. If you find some reviews that are not positive ask about the situation and how it was resolved.

Ask if the owner is an operator as well.  Most like  it when the owner themselves are “on the tools”, able to be on site, or make themselves available to you.

Ask the owner what makes them different from other companies.  Ask about the products and why they were chosen for the job.

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